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Request for cooperation / Project offer

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

An experienced Polish contract service provider (treatment of lost-wax cast parts) and assembly company is looking for new business partners and clients that outsource machining processes and/or product assembly and/or that lease production personnel.

The Polish company offers: 1. contract services in cast post treatment at the plant in south-west Poland (processes such as fettling, grinding, welding, sand and shot blasting, heat treatment, crack testing) 2. various assembly activities and assembly manufacturing in own premises, packaging and dispatch work 3. temporary employment/personnel leasing of (German-speaking) production personnel If you are looking for

  • a new supplier in the treatment of cast parts

  • a partner for the assembly manufacturing

  • personnel on a contract for work, for temporary workers for your production in the areas described above

  • or if you have any questions in this regard

please contact us. We will then give you details of the Polish company and what they have to offer.

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