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  • Market Analysis

    • Growth Factors

    • Market Structures

    • Business Environment

    • Market Size

    • Competitive Landscape

    • Market Entry Cost Estimates

    • Market Entry Recommendations

  • Go-To-Market Analysis

  • Location Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Company Profiles and Industry Reports

  • Interviewing decision-makers from the target companies and institutions

  • Benchmarking Analyses (with the tool Success Resource Deployment – SRD)

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  • Shopfitting in retail in Poland

  • The real estate market in Poland

  • Pharmaceutical market in Poland

  • E-Health in the Polish healthcare industry

  • IT market in Poland

  • The retail market in Poland

  • Wine market in Poland - Poland as a sales market for foreign wines

  • Sweet prospects - The confectionery market in Poland

  • The jewelry market in Poland

  • The toys market in Poland

  • Benchmarking of customer orientation of European airlines - an empirical analysis with Success Resource Deployment

  • Core Banking Systems in Poland

  • Dental care and dental treatment in Poland

  • ...and others

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  • target-oriented market research

  • identification and mediation of qualified importers, distributors, sales agents, integration and service partners

  • finding and definition of the export strategy

  • support of governmental trade missions to Poland and Germany in the context of international trade

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  • Definition of distributor profile 

  • Research and pre-selection of suitable partner companies on the basis of your requirement criteria

  • Creation of company list with identified distributors

  • Phone calls with the requested decision-makers

  • First company reviews based on the profile, our additional research on the companies and our phone calls

  • Sending the applicable presentation documents to the interested persons

  • Follow-up calls

  • Final company selection and precise report with results

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  • Consultation & Implementation

  • ​We are oriented around problem-solving

  • Time-Savings

  • Cost-Savings

  • Greater Efficiency

Our goal is to provide our customers a quick and successful access to the target market.


We do not restrict ourselves only to the advisory, but also take on the operational implementation of the tasks.

Especially during the start-up, we offer our customers even more intensive support. We offer individual and high quality support.


  • Advice on the Market Entry and on Sales Channels

  • search for and evaluation of suitable real estate, offices to rent and land for investment

  • identification and review of suitable companies for M&A

  • Business Matchmaking Services: organization of and assistance in face-to-face and virtual B2B meetings and company visits

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  • Search & Selection of local sales personnel and of technicians

    • gathering job applications

    • phone or video interviews

    • evaluation and selection of candidates

    • presentation of selected candidates to the client

    • organisation of our client's interviews (face-to-face or video)

  • Executive Search for vacant managerial positions in your local branch office

    • direct search of qualified candidates

    • phone or video interviews

    • verification of competencies

    • detailed reports on recommended candidates

    • presentation of candidates to the client

    • organisation of our client's interviews (face-to-face or video

  • Recruitment or Mediation of local assembly and installation teams


  • research of prospective customers

  • identification of the requested contact person(s) and their contact details

  • approach to the contacts with the proposal's presentation and interviews / cold calling B2B

  • necessary follow-ups

  • report with results (optional also on the current and future demand/need for the client's offer)

  • organization of and assistance in our client's virtual or face-to-face meetings with warm and hot leads

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