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Success Story: Trade Mission from Wales

We have successfully assisted and supported 13 Welsh companies across a range of sectors as part of a Welsh Government trade mission to Poland and the Czech Republic.

The scope of our support included the lead generation and distributor search and included:

- search and identification of a high number of qualified import and distribution partners as well as of new customers (manufacturers)

- contact work with decision-makers from the target companies

- organization and assistance in over 50 virtual meetings between the Welsh companies and the target companies that were interested in the proposals from the Welsh companies

The Welsh companies were active in the following product areas:

- military equipment and PPE

- educational institution

- software for cable design and manufacturing

- breath alcohol analysis technologies

- skin care products for businesses

- air cushion systems for packagings and shipments

- biomass measurement solutions

- splicing technologies for textile and composite industry

- magnetic separation equipment for processing industries

- brewery

- corrosion inhibitors for automotive, architectural, industrial, aerospace and marine industries

- waste water monitoring and treatment technologies

- safety hardware for the marine and safety industries

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