Terms & Conditions


All prices are mentioned in net Euro. Depending on the situation of the buyer the Polish VAT tax rate (23%) is added or not.

VAT payer/tax rate

  • When the buyer orders as a company that is registered outside of Poland then the buyer does not have to pay Polish VAT.
  • When the buyer orders as a Private person or as a Polish company then the buyer has to pay Polish VAT (23%) and tax rate is added to the net price.
  • If you order as a company then please mention your VAT ID number in the order form.

Payment and order process

You can make payment via bank transfer, via PayPal and via debit or credit card.

When you have finished the order process and you have pressed the “send”-button in the end, then your order is in progress and you receive an e-mail with your order details (including our bank details in case you have selected “bank transfer” as payment method).

Delivery and delivery time

  • The delivery of the product(s) is made via e-mail and is free of charge. (free shipping)
  • The delivery time of the ordered product(s) is 24 hours (unless otherwise specified under “Availability” in the product description) upon receipt of the buyer’s payment.

Claim for reimbursement

All purchases are final. Due to the fact that the provided products are consumed as soon as they are received, the seller (Poland Consulting Services Sp. z o.o.) does not provide refunds for orders once the buyer has received the product(s).

Copyrights and licences

The seller’s licence entitles the buyer to use the product:

  • for the product preservation: saving the product in the memory of an unlimited number of computers belonging to the organisation indicated by the buyer during purchasing process; these computers must be located in the same country as the organisation indicated during purchasing process;
  • for multiplying and making the product available: multiplication of the product by production of its copies either by printing or by digitalisation (e.g. on a disc, CD-ROM, DVD, magnetic tape, magneto-optic carrier, print and electronic devices, including electronic paper) for an unlimited number of people who work for the organisation indicated by the client during purchasing process, who are in the same country as the organisation indicated during purchasing process.

Any other preservation, multiplication, data publishing, copying and dissemination etc. which is beyond the scope of this licence is strictly forbidden.

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