Milling tools for metalworking in Poland


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    • Edition 09/2016
      Available languages English, German
      Delivery time 1 week
      Number of slides 60
      Delivery Format PDF presentation file

      Table of contents

      Chapter 1: The machine-tool market and the milling tool market in Poland

      • market size
      • market development
      • prices of milling tools

      Chapter 2: Customer industries in Poland

      Introduction and short analysis of automotive industry, mechanical engineering, metal processing industry, aviation industry

      • market situation and development
      • Players
      • Clusters

      Chapter 3: Competitors and competition

      Introduction and short analysis of competing brands which are represented on the Polish market

      • important brands and manufacturers
      • company description
      • financial data

      Chapter 4: Distribution channels

      Chapter 5: Important trade fairs

      Annex: Economic and Demographic Data of Poland


      • detailed market data and insights into the market of milling tools for metalworking
      • detailed insights into the customer industries
      • complete market overview and in-depth data about the leading brands

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