Trends in shopfitting in Poland

Originality and individualism
Customers attach much more attention to a very distinct identity and brand building. They emphasize mainly on originality and individuality. The huge competition forced the investors in recent years to put attention to every detail in shop equipment.

Sensory marketing with interesting lighting and pleasant odour in the shops.

Ecology and energy efficiency
Ecology in the retail industry is a new trend that is likely to remain on the market for longer, not only because of the environmental protection and energy efficiency, but also for reasons of visual impact, which will undoubtedly affect the perception of the brand.
The most popular materials representing this trend include plywood and light wood. Equally often appear linen, cotton, wicker, bamboo or stone.
There are used colors referring to the color of the earth, such as beiges, browns, greens. Such materials convey freshness and rejuvenate the brand image. They are often used in order to convince the company’s existing customer base or younger people to live a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Modular furniture
Modular furniture plays a significant role in large supermarkets, but also in medium and small stores of different sectors.

New technologies
New technologies enter more boldly shops and boutiques. The latest collections of the brand are displayed on screens, and the availability of interesting products can be checked on the smartphone or tablet.