The blueberry market in Poland: the second largest blueberry producing country in Europe

The area of blueberry cultivation in Poland increases year by year.

The current production of highbush blueberries in the country is conducted on the area from approx. 5.5 to approx. 7 thousand hectares, and the harvest oscillates between 15 and 19 thousand tonnes.
In 2017, as a result of growing area of cultivation in Poland, the production of blueberries was higher than in the
previous year by 9%, and in comparison with the average from 2013-2015 by 27%.

Up to 80% of the blueberry production is intended for export to the main buying countries that are UK, Germany and Scandinavia. New sales markets for Polish blueberries include Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There are some big producers on the market cultivating more than 400 ha of land and equipped with the latest cooling and sorting technology as well as technologies to prevent damages caused by animals and severe weather events.
Beside fresh fruits some producers also offer dried and frozen blueberries.

Regarding wholsale and export prices for blueberries there are regional and seasonal differences.

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