Toys: Positive developments in import, export and consumption in Poland

The toy market in Poland is one of the most rapidly developing worldwide. In 2015 it grew by 10%, which is comparable to the market growth in Mexico. Only Russia has a higher growth rate.

According to expectations of the Polish government, the sales of toys are to receive an additional boost by the lately increased child benefit, which is paid to families since April 2016. Before this new law families with low income were granted a monthly child benefit between 77 and 115 PLN.
Since April this year Polish families can get 500 PLN (appr. 120 EUR) per month for the second and for each additional child up to age 18. In addition, families with low income already receive this benefit for their first child. According to estimates of the Polish Family Ministry, around 2.7 million families are eligible for the new child benefit.

The toys offered in stores are mostly imported products. Imports will continue to rise, with China followed by the Czech Republic and Germany as the most important countries of origin.

Polish exports of toys reached record numbers last year. Its value amounted to PLN 4.6 billion (appr. EUR 1.1 billion) and was thus higher than ever before. In 2014, the export value was at around PLN 3 billion (appr. EUR 710 million).

The rising export figures also result from the positively developing producer situation in the country around the big, internationally operating TOP 5 “Cobi” (product focus: building blocks made of plastic), “Granna” (product focus: board and table games), “Wader” (product focus: plastic toys such as vehicles, building blocks) “Canpol” (product focus: baby accessories and toys for babies) and “Trefl” (product focus: puzzles, board and table games, playing cards). In Poland, there are approximately 250 major toy manufacturers.

In terms of trade the six major retailers Smyk, Empik, Toys”R”Us, Carrefour, Tesco and Makro reached total sales of around PLN 1 billion (appr. EUR 240 million).