Wine market in Poland


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    • Edition 11/2014
      Available languages English, German
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      Pages 55, including tables and figures
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      The study, “The wine market in Poland” shows the actual situation and the past and future market development of the Polish wine market. Here, all current, relevant statistics and information regarding “Poland as a sales market for foreign wines,” and regarding “Poland as a wine producing country” are clearly shown.

      Wine market development in Poland and reading sample:

      The forecasts for the development of the Polish wine market for the next few years show higher growth rates in total value and in the total amount of available wines.
      The wine market in Poland for many years was dominated by low quality and cheap fruit wines. In recent years however, the interest on oenology and on good wines have been growing. The sales and revenues of wine producers, importers and distributors increase from year to year. The supply of still wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines and vermouth is becoming better and better, more international and wider, because the demand develops positively.

      The study provides and enables

      • complete overview about the wine market in Poland
      • possible individual assessment of the Polish wine market as a sales market for foreign wines and as investment location in the wine business
      • possible strategy formulation for the wine export
      • contacts to the largest wine importers and wholesalers from Poland
      • contacts to all important wine importers from Poland


      • current market data and development of sales revenue and sales volumes for still wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines and vermouth in recent years
      • projected market size of the Polish wine market
      • development of wine consumption, of foreign trade, of imports by country of origin and of distribution channels
      • market shares of wine segments and the biggest wine importers
      • sale prices of still wines
      • Iidentification of the most popular wine brands
      • short profiles of major companies on the Polish wine market
      • Statutory regulations for the wine import

      List of contents

      1 Summary 6
      2 Market segmentation 7
      3 Wine consumption 8
      3.1 Alcohol consumption in Poland 8
      3.2 Wine consumption in the EU in comparision 9
      3.3 The most popular still wines in Poland 10
      4 Market overview in general 11
      4.1 Market size 11
      4.2 Market development 12
      4.3 Market shares 13
      4.4 Important brands 15
      5 Market overview in the wine categories 16
      5.1 All wine categories 16
      5.2 Still wines 18
      5.2.1 Market size 18
      5.2.2 Allocation 20
      5.2.3 Market shares 21
      5.2.4 Price level 22
      5.3 Sparkling wines 23
      5.3.1 Market size 23
      5.3.2 Market shares 25
      5.4 Vermouth 26
      5.4.1 Market size 26
      5.4.2 Market shares 28
      5.5 Dessert wines and other wines 29
      5.5.1 Market size 29
      5.5.2 Market shares 31
      6 Foreign trade 32
      6.1 Export 32
      6.2 Import 32
      6.3 Legal framework for the wine import 36
      6.3.1 General import regulations 36
      6.3.2 Mandatory duty for bottled wines 36
      6.3.3 Labelling requirements 37
      6.3.4 Taxes and other charges 37
      7 Distribution 38
      7.1 Sales channels 38
      7.2 Wine trade chains 42
      7.3 Marketing 43
      8 Wine-growing in Poland 45
      8.1 History 45
      8.2 Today’s wine-growing 45
      8.3 Polish wine producers / winemakers 48
      9 Company profiles – The largest importing and wholesaling companies of wine-based drinks in Poland 51
      9.1 Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC) 51
      9.2 BWS Polska Sp. z o.o. 53
      9.3 TIM S.A. 54
      9.4 VINPOL Sp. z o.o. 55
      9.5 BACARDI MARTINI Polska Sp. z o.o. 56
      9.6 AMBRA S.A. 57
      9.7 Domain Menada Sp z o.o. 59
      9.8 Winiarnia Bartex 60
      10 The most important wine fairs and wine events in Poland 61
      11 Company list including contact and address data to all important importers of wine from Poland (60 companies) 62

      Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question (also if you request an update version of this analysis).
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