Shopfitting in Retail Sector in Poland


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    • Edition 07/2016
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      Table of contents

      Chapter 1: The significance of retail trade in the Polish economy

      Chapter 2: Key indicators in the retail sector in Poland

      Chapter 3: Market size and market structure of the retail sector in Poland

      • development of number of shops and of stores,
      • development of number of retail chains,
      • present global retail chains,
      • annual sales of retail chains,
      • structure of sales area,
      • geographical distribution of shops and retail space

      Chapter 4: The retail industry in the various sectors in Poland

      • financial data in the sectors,
      • sales by sector y/y,
      • development of number of shops by sector,
      • key features and developments in the single sectors “grocery/FMCG, clothing and footwear, luxury goods, sport articles, drugstores and cosmetics”

      Chapter 5: TOP players in Polish retail by sector

      • leading companies and annual revenues

      Chapter 6: Forecasts for Polish retail sector

      Chapter 7: Trends in Polish retail

      Chapter 8: Internet commerce in Polish retail sector

      Chapter 9: Shopping centres: existing and planned new sales area in Poland

      • development of retail space,
      • market size,
      • new investments in shopping centres and retail parks,
      • retail supply,
      • development of number of shopping centres,
      • density of shopping centres,
      • new and planned sales area

      Chapter 10: Shopfitting in Poland

      This chapter is focusing on the situation, development and competition in the field of metal and wood furniture and fittings for sales areas like shops, stores and shopping centres.
      The analized and presented companies are operating in the „all-inclusive project management“ segment providing design, production,
      supply and installation at the same time.
      Their offered products comprise modular systems as well as individual designs and it is mainly shelves, shelving systems, racks, high racks, cabinets, showcases, refrigeration equipment, counters, checkouts.
      Their products and services are addressed to shops and stores, offices and HoReCa.

      • situation and development of furniture industry and of furniture retail,
      • current own investments by shopfitting companies,
      • trends in shop design,
      • trends in shopfitting,
      • distribution channels in shopfitting,
      • important trade fairs and events,
      • 17 most important companies operating in shopfitting: short company profiles with contact details, company description and financial data/balance sheet figures (in time series)

      Chapter 11: SWOT analysis for market entry in Shopfitting in Poland

      Chapter 12: Recommendations for market entry in Shopfitting in Poland

      Annex: Demographic and Economic Data of Poland


      • detailed market data and insights into retail and shopfitting with illustrations in tables and graphics
      • forecasts and trends for retail and shopfitting
      • comprehensive market overview about the leading companies in shopfitting in Poland
      • SWOT analysis for market entry in shopfitting in Poland
      • Recommendations for market entry in shopfitting in Poland

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