Pharma Market in Poland


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    • Edition 01/2015
      Available languages English
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      Number of pages/slides 80 + 2 excel databases
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      Table of contents

      1 Market data on healthcare in Poland

      1.1 Health protection

      1.2 The structure of Polish health system

      1.3 Government expenditure on health care

      1.4 Physicians

      1.5 Hospitals

      2 Market data about pharmaceutical market in Poland

      2.1 History

      2.2 Production

      2.3 Foreign trade

      2.4 Market size

      2.5 Market shares

      2.6 Prescription drugs

      2.7 Non-Prescription drugs

      2.8 Generics

      2.9 Originals

      2.10 Drug prices

      3 Distribution/Sales in Poland

      3.1 Distribution scheme

      3.2 Wholesale

      3.3 Pharmacies and Medical stores

      3.4 Hospitals

      3.5 Parallel imports

      3.6 Online sales

      4 Company profiles (including address data, short company description, management board, financial key figures) of the most important suppliers (i.e. drug manufacturers, drug importers, drug wholesalers, pharmacy chains)

      5 Trends and Forecasts

      6 SWOT Analysis for the Polish pharmaceutical market

      7 The most important exhibitions, organizations and associations in pharmaceutical sector


      • Demographic and economic data for Poland

      • Healthcare market in Poland in numbers

      • Excel database – Drug manufacturers in Poland (including generic manufacturers, manufacturers of originals and manufacturers of both) including address data, contact data, year of foundation, turnover, profit/loss, assets, ROA, ROE, employment

      • Excel database – Wholesalers and Importers of drugs in Poland (including address data, contact data, product offer (if generics and/or originals), financial key figures)

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