Hotels (3 and 4 star classification) from Poland


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    • Publication date August 2016
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      Delivery format Excel
      Number of hotels appr. 1050

      Our company lists support your sales, export or purchasing department to find new importers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers/suppliers or contract processors.

      This company list was created by PCS market experts and is a convenient addition to PCS Analyses & Reports and PCS Company Reports.​

      This list includes 3 and 4 star hotels in Poland with more than 10 rooms from all hotel types (business, wellness, SPA, conference etc.; city, country, castle hotels).

      This list does not include any hotels from hotel chains.

      This list delivers the following hotel details:

      - hotel name
      - address
      - postal code, city
      - general phone number
      - general e-mail
      - website

      - hotel classification

      - number of rooms

      - name of contact person (mentioned in 15% of all listed hotels; the contact person is the marketing director or the hotel director or the hotel owner)

      - direct e-mail and direct phone contact from the contact person or from the managing or marketing department (mentioned in 25% of all listed hotels)

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