Market research

Our goal is to provide you with current, customized and well-structured market data and information. Our research work provides you with reliable data and forecasts a secure basis for your decisions. With this knowledge about the market you gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

We offer a unique and high quality assistance in market research in Poland, especially in:

- Market Analyses
– Location Analyses
– Competition Analyses
– SRD-Benchmarking Analyses (Success Resource Deployment)
– Demand Analyses
– Country Reports
– Industry Reports
– Company Profiles (customers and suppliers) including balances in case of corporations
– Company Lists / Company Databases (regarding leads, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, sales agencies, importers, customers)
– Customer and Supplier Surveys
– Solicitation of price information and of quotations from suppliers

Market research is one of the most important investment, not only to launch new products on the market but also to continue to be competitive.

Therefore, we recommend our services not only to start-ups but also to companies, which are striving for market shares and competitiveness in their industry.

In our market research projects we use different high-quality sources.
In addition, our research and analyst team always conduct their own web research.
If desired, then we complete the required information and data by telephone interviews, by a scan of press releases, by a scan of tenders and by a scan of social media systems.
Furthermore, we consider data and contacts from our past projects as well as our company-owned databases and networks in favour of our clients.

Some of our conducted market studies (with focus)
chemicals for galvanisers: market entrance strategy
CRM and ERP systems: distribution establishment with interviews with decision makers
storage and conveying technology: distribution establishment
fodder for domestic livestock: market analysis
ICT country report
Real Estate Market: market analysis about market and real estate price development
IT solutions for the banking industry: market potential analysis with in-depth interviews
metal processing: subcontractor search for wagework
equestrian sports: market analysis
pharma market: generica products versus original pharmaceuticals + Rx versus OTC
jewelry market: market analysis about market size and forecasts, demand, prices, competition, global players and distribution
Benchmark of European Airlines with Success Resource Deployment for image and product optimization
location analysis of real estate at the Baltic Sea in Poland
fixture systems for road construction: market analysis
confectionery market: market analysis about foreign trade and foreign investors
wine market: market analysis about market size and forecasts, demand

Our company has been responsible for many market entrance and research projects from product segments such as
IT systems (HIS, LIS, RIS, BI, Integration Platforms, CRM, ERP, data management, text analytics software, banking software)
chemicals for galvanizing plants
functional coatings
surface treatment (slide grinding, degreasing, ball polishing)
medical centers and hospitals
dental care
milling tools
metal processing (CNC)
wood as building material
tyre retreading
conveyor and storage technology
stud welding technology
surface-mounted-device (SMD) and surface-mounting-technology (SMT)
transport and forwarding
road stabilisation systems
household appliances / white goods
electric hand tools
hotel and rental linen
event services
recovery audit services