Market Analyses

Our goal is to provide you with current, customized and well-structured market data and information.

Our research work provides you with reliable data and forecasts a secure basis for your decisions.

With this knowledge about the market you gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

We are market analysts and offer a customized and high quality assistance in market research and analyses for Poland:

  • analyses on market potential
  • analyses on competition
  • benchmarking analyses (especially with the tool Success Resource Deployment – SRD)
  • location analyses
  • reports on companies and on industries
  • research and survey of Leads
  • Market research is one of the most important investment, not only to launch new products on the market but also to continue to be competitive.

    Therefore, we recommend our services not only to start-ups but also to companies, which are striving for market shares and competitiveness in their industry.

    In our market research projects we use different high-quality sources.
    In addition, our research and analyst team always conduct their own web research.
    When needed, then we complete the required information and data by telephone interviews, by a scan of press releases, by a scan of tenders and by a scan of social media networks.
    Furthermore, we consider data and contacts from our past projects as well as our company-owned databases and networks in favour of our clients.