Company Formation

Our goal is to provide our customers a quick and successful access to the Polish market. We do not restrict ourselves only to the advisory, but also take on the operational implementation of the tasks. Especially during the start-up, we offer our customers even more intensive support.

We offer individual and high quality support for direct investments in Poland.
We set up your office after the one-stop-shop principle, which allows the immediate start of operations.

Essential steps in our service are hereby:

- business plans
– review of EU funding
– site analyses
– founding a company
– advice on the acquisition
– property search
– registration of the company in the Commercial Register, Statistical Office, Tax Office and Social Insurance
– selection of local service providers such as bank, tax accountant, advertising agency, Internet operator
– key personnel search

The entire process is carried out at a fixed price. A personal attendance of the shareholders at the company’s foundation is not required. A foreign investor can choose any legal status of incorporation in Poland. Since the beginning of the year 2009, the minimum stock capital of a Polish Limited Liability Company is 5,000 PLN.