Company Formation

Our goal is to provide our customers a quick and successful access to the Polish market.

We do not restrict ourselves only to the advisory, but also take on the operational implementation of the tasks.

Especially during the start-up, we offer our customers even more intensive support.

We offer individual and high quality support for direct investments in Poland.

We set up your office after the one-stop-shop principle, which allows the immediate start of operations.

Essential steps in our service are hereby:

  • analysis and definition of your needed local presence
  • business plan and location analysis
  • search for suitable real estate, offices and land for investment
  • foundation and registration of your Polish branch
  • search and evaluation of suitable companies for M&A

The limited liability company must have a minimum share capital of 5,000 PLN.

A Supervisory Board is not mandatory in a limited liability company unless the share capital of the company exceeds 500,000 PLN and the company has more than 25 shareholders.

The nominal value of a share for a limited liability company cannot be lower than 50 PLN. The share may have an equal or unequal nominal value.

The entire share capital must be paid before registering a limited liability company in Poland.

The joint-stock company must have a share capital of at least 100,000 PLN and the capital is divided into shares of equal nominal value.

The minimum nominal value of one share must be at least 0,01 PLN.

At least 1/4 of the share capital must be paid before the joint-stock company is registered.

The minimum share capital for a limited joint-stock partnership is at least 50,000 PLN.