The area of blueberry cultivation in Poland increases year by year. The current production of highbush blueberries in the country is conducted on the area from approx. 5.5 to approx. 7 thousand hectares, and the harvest oscillates between 15 and 19 thousand tonnes. In 2017, as a result of growing area of cultivation in Poland, the production of blueberries ...


The wine market in Poland: current developments and trends

The Poles spent nearly PLN 1.5 billion (appr. EUR 350 million) for grape wines in 2015 and thus 7.2% more than in the year before. Referred to the total category of wine, spending increased by 5% and totaled PLN 2.2 billion (appr. EUR 520 million). Every Pole drinks about 6 liters of wine per year. This is in terms ...


The toy market in Poland is one of the most rapidly developing worldwide. In 2015 it grew by 10%, which is comparable to the market growth in Mexico. Only Russia has a higher growth rate. According to expectations of the Polish government, the sales of toys are to receive an additional boost by the lately increased child benefit, which ...


Trends in shopfitting in Poland

Originality and individualism Customers attach much more attention to a very distinct identity and brand building. They emphasize mainly on originality and individuality. The huge competition forced the investors in recent years to put attention to every detail in shop equipment. Sensory marketing with interesting lighting and pleasant odour in the shops. Ecology and energy efficiency Ecology in the retail industry is a new ...


Monument conservation in Poland

In Poland there is a registration of all listed buildings and a monument register which contains only the most important objects. There are 827,579 recorded listed buildings. In the monument register 69.254 objects were registered in June 2015. Among them are 18.931 residential buildings, 12.761 sacred objects, 7.342 green spaces, 5.278 farmsteads, 4.834 residences and 4.589 public buildings. Possible funding for ...


Die Bauwirtschaft in Polen

Die polnische Bauwirtschaft ist die siebtgrößte und eine der am schnellsten wachsenden in der EU, deren Wert im Jahr 2014 43 Mrd. Euro betrug. Das Wachstum ist eine Folge der verstärkten Investitionen in verschiedene Infrastrukturaktivitäten im Transport- und Energiesektor und der erhöhten Nachfrage nach Gewerbeimmobilien. Außerdem stützen die für den Zeitraum 2014-2020 Polen gewährten, hohen EU-Strukturfonds die Wirtschaftslage ...