Outlook for IT Market in Poland

Software and IT Services will faster grow than hardware sales in Poland

The European Commission predicts that this year Polish economy will be the leader in the European Union in terms of economic growth. This is not because the Polish GDP shoots up, but rather because the majority of EU countries will be in recession or stagnation. The latest European Commission forecasts assume that economic growth in Poland will reach 2.5 percent this year.

The Polish IT market is following Russia’s, the second largest market in Central and Eastern Europe. The information technology market in Poland has been characterized by dynamic changes. In the years 1999-2008 its value almost quadrupled growing from PLN 9.1 bn to PLN 27.5 bn. Then in 2009, the market declined reaching value of PLN 26.5 bn. In 2010 the value of IT market in Poland amounted to PLN 27.83 bn being 4.4% more than in 2009. It was estimated that in 2011 the market of hardware was to grow by 3%, software by 8% and services by 7%.
The Software and IT Services segments will faster grow than the hardware segment in the next years in Poland.

In 2010 the value of the 200 biggest IT contracts in the enterprise sector accounted for over PLN 722 mn and was 15% higher than a year before. The highest spendings were effected by the Polish State Railways (PKP), Gaz System, Lasy Państwowe (state forest) and Poczta Polska.

Regarding ERP systems the energy sector in Poland is a leader in terms of computerisation among all industries.
The finance and banking sector, where the average lifespan of so called critical banking applications is 10 years, might bring big contracts for new software implementations in 2012.
In the public sector the biggest change has appeared in the value of the single IT contracts. In 2010, the biggest contract was worth PLN 400 mn which is two times more than in 2009 and the average value of smaller contracts grew almost threefold.
In the healthcare sector there are some big players regarding the computerisation of hospitals and health facilities. The Polish state is actually realizing two big informatization projects in e-Health, which run until 2015.
Attractiveness of the SMB sector is high for IT suppliers, mainly because of the number of companies established every year which need start-up and the growing number of companies running their business in the Internet. IT services directed to SMB are still provided primarily by local IT companies.

Our recent published study “IT Market in Poland” delivers comprehensive and current IT market data in the segments hardware, software and IT services and its sub-categories. The presented market data enable companies to determine strategic decisions for investments in the Polish IT market.

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