Eastern Europe – growth for German trade

With Poland (7th) and the Czech Republic (10th), two Central Eastern European countries are among the top ten German trading partners which further record solid growth rates. “Fifteen years after the eastward enlargement of the European Union, our eastern neighboring countries are deeply integrated into the value chains of #GermanIndustry“ said Mr. Büchele, the chairman of the Ost-Ausschuss – Osteuropaverein (OAOEV).

The trade with Poland only, by far the largest German trading partner in Eastern Europe, rose by 7.5 percent to 118 billion euros in 2018. With exports of 63.1 billion euros (+6.4 percent), Germany continued to realize a clear trade surplus (8 billion euros).

In the ranking of German foreign trade partners Poland is now almost equal to Great Britain in terms of turnover.
In the next three years Poland could succeed in the leap into the TOP 5 of the most important German trading partners.

German imports from Central and Eastern Europe also rose again noticeably. “Numerous new investment projects such as the factories of Mercedes in Poland will further consolidate the role of this region,” said Mr. Büchele.

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