Disposable ECG (surface) electrodes in Poland

The major players in the market offer electrodes for cardiac monitoring, diagnostic, neonatal, and pediatric cardiac monitoring, and diagnosis.

These diverse range of medical electrodes facilitate a physician to monitor and diagnose patients with wide range of cardiac issues among all major age groups.
Both reusable and disposable electrodes are used for the diagnosis and monitoring cardiac diseases.
However, disposable electrodes are the widely adopted in the field of cardiology in Poland.

The leading Polish manufacturers of disposable ECG electrodes are Sorimex sp. z o.o. sp. k., Esvico Sp. z o.o. and Farum S.A.

The major end users for cardiology electrodes include hospitals, alternate care settings, research laboratories for determining resting and diagnostic ECG, exercise test, stress test, and holter monitoring, in cath lab, in telemetry equipment and even in acute care conditions.

Hospitals in Poland are obliged to purchase medical equipment via tenders. This concerns all hospitals which have a contract with the state-owned National Health Fund (NFZ).
Only private clinics and privetly operating practices that do not settle their services via NFZ can buy the equipment where they want.

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