Monument conservation in Poland

In Poland there is a registration of all listed buildings and a monument register which contains only the most important objects. There are 827,579 recorded listed buildings. In the monument register 69.254 objects were registered in June 2015. Among them are 18.931 residential buildings, 12.761 sacred objects, 7.342 green spaces, 5.278 farmsteads, 4.834 residences and 4.589 public buildings.

Possible funding for actions in monument protection and monument preservation almost exclusively get the owners of objects from the monument register. The primary source of funding for conservation and preservation in Poland are public funds from the state budget and the budgets of individual governments, such as the EU funds. The standard grant is up to 50% of expenses, which are necessary for the renovation of the object.
In exceptional cases, the grant can be increased up to 100% of expenditure.

The market with listed real estate in Poland is growing, though investments in such properties are not easy. The government (in particular the agency of agriculture) is gradually selling its listed properties. Currently, 400-450 special, listed objects with a total value of 700 mln PLN to 1.5 bn PLN are for sale. This situation has a positive effect on the demand for services in the field of monument protection and preservation.