The wine market in Poland: current developments and trends

The Poles spent nearly PLN 1.5 billion (appr. EUR 350 million) for grape wines in 2015 and thus 7.2% more than in the year before. Referred to the total category of wine, spending increased by 5% and totaled PLN 2.2 billion (appr. EUR 520 million).

Every Pole drinks about 6 liters of wine per year. This is in terms of quantity far below the per capita consumption of French and Italians and the Czechs and Slovaks. However, the quantity gap between the Poles and these nations is reducing constantly.
Regarding taste preferences and preferred residual sugar content in wines the Poles most often buy semi-dry wines, which supersede more and more the sweet wines.

In 2015, the total sales volume of grape wines was divided into 56% red wine, 33% white wine and 11% rosé wine. The highest increase over the previous year was recorded by the white wines.
The largest sales share currently amounts to wines from the US, especially the Carlo Rossi brand from California.

When analyzing the points of sale then it appears that consumers buy most wine (in terms of value) in discounters. The discounters generate 39% of the total value of all grape wines sold in the country. This high share of discounters on sales of wines is one of the highest in Europe.
In contrast, the large hypermarkets lose shares and reach 24%.
The supermarkets have recorded the third largest sales share (17%). Compared with the hypermarkets the supermarkets were able to increase their sales shares from year to year.

In the longer term, the wine consumption in Poland is expected to grow by 7% annually and the demand will continue to develop towards wines of higher quality.

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