Dental market in Poland

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statistics and information about
– dental practices: number, development and regional distribution
– public and private spending on healthcare and on dental care
– insured patients
– expenditures on dental treatment from the National Health Fund (NFZ)
– dental services financed by NFZ
– Orthodontic and Prosthetic treatment funded by NFZ
– market value of dental market
– dentists
– dental consultations
– conservative dentistry
– orthodontics
– prosthetics
– dental health of Poles
– dental equipment and devices
– Profiles to the leading private dental care providers (including company and service description, financial data, key executives, shareholders, company network and regional distribution/locations in Poland)


Table of content

Chapter 1: Organisation and structure of dental care in Poland

Chapter 2: Market size

(number of dentists, number of dental offices, market value, dental consultations)

Chapter 3: Market segments

(conservative dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics)

Chapter 4: Patient Analysis

Chapter 5: Private dentistry chaines and franchising networks for dental treatment

(market situation and development, information on the leading companies including company description, financial figures, regional distribution/locations in Poland)

Chapter 6: Dental equipment in Poland

(market size, market value, market development, import and export, product segments)

Chapter 7: Private Dental Insurances

Chapter 8: Loans for dental treatment

Chapter 9: Dental tourism in Poland

Chapter 10: Salaries in dentistry sector

Chapter 11: Studying and Training in dentistry

Chapter 12: Important events and trade fairs in this sector

Chapter 13: Important associations and organisations in this sector

Chapter 14: Trends in this sector


statistics on demand for dental services

statistics on public and private expenditure on healthcare

Poland: Demographic data and Labour Market

Poland: Macroeconomic data